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Why We Care

A sense of belonging – this is what “home” means to us. We value relationships and experiences in life and wanted to create a life and business where we can use our creative gifts to help others who share the same values.

For over 10 years, we have been helping clients understand what this means for each of them. Often this means listening to the needs and wishes of more than one family member and finding the perfect blend of two seemingly different styles and tastes. Each project begins with a 2 Hour Initial Consultation where we ask questions, share photos, talk about how you live, what your needs and wants are and start building a relationship with you. Together, we build a plan to create your perfect home.

Are you ready to start creating your home with us? We can’t wait to meet you!

We have been asked many times at the end of a project “How did you design our space or home so perfectly when I couldn’t even explain to you what we wanted?” This is our ultimate goal! What feels like “home” or “belonging” is different for everyone and therefore, we can’t use the same design principles for all our clients. We believe this is what makes us different. Design is not about what’s trendy or popular and it’s not even our end goal. We simply want to help create spaces that people feel great in and proud to share with friends and family. We give our clients permission to identify their own definition of “luxe” and then find creative ways to accomplish it. Colour, space, balance – these are all important elements, and help shape an environment that is simple, ordered and harmonic. By asking questions and getting to know our clients really well, we extract the best combination of these elements for each project.


Who We Are

lorri mccrackin, owner & designer

My goal as an entrepreneur and designer is to create a business where people love to work, and homes in which people love to live. For me, business is an extension of my personal life and allows me the freedom to take risks, be innovative, travel, and build great relationships.

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angela marchese, owner & designer

Each design project is unique and personal. I find the design experience is enhanced when approached with a sense of light–heartedness. For me, nurturing relationships with suppliers, trades and builders are of utmost importance and essential to the design experience. Everyday I am challenged by the work life balance but energized with each new design project.

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donna mansfield, OFFICE MANAGER

I don’t believe in “I can’t"– there is always a way to accomplish something in design and in life. You should never stop learning and exploring the world around you. If you are fortunate enough to choose who and where you work, always choose what brings you the most joy. I’m a Graphic Designer by trade but an Interior Designer at heart.

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